When love moves on…

This year has been bitter sweet for me; I have met some of the best people in the world and thought t was rekindled a relationship that has been a roller coaster. Life predictions are one of the worst things as you do not have control over the outcomes. Today you bask in happiness and then like lightening your world erupts and everything is disarray. In the past two months a lost a friendship that brought out my silly side while still being geeky 🤓. It meant the world to me as my geekiness is often suppressed out of fear that I will be dubbed a nerd a name I have been called throughout my school years.

Friendships mean a lot to me as while I am sociable, my friend Circle is very small. And so, when I establish friendship I cherish them with dear life, especially if I allowed to be me. Hence loosing this friend really hurt, but I have moved on even though the memories are still strong. It is funny how one person can have such an effect even if it was for a short time.

Wow, I am a fighter, I am tend to be positive about my personal life. But one has to face reality has when love moves on, you must accept that it has left. Sad, but it is a reality that I must face and accept. The challenge now is how to start over after so long. That is the challenge. I just needed to express these thoughts out loud.


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