Motherhood beyond one day…

I deliberately waited for time to pass to post this article as it often fathoms me how we tend to place great emphasis on mothers only on Mother’s Day. Mothers are the vessels that literally nurture, sustain and preserve our future existence, through Christ.

A Mother’s journey propels until death; because while a man can always claim and or protest that “I am not the father.” A mother can never deny her maternity even if she gives up her child the internal and external scares remains. I explicitly understand that the day is designed to recognize and celebrate mothers. The bias in me believes that based the rareness of motherhood and the fact a woman’s body has to transition to act as the vessel to carry this human being for 9 months sometimes even 10. Her body changes and adapts to this little being who depends on her for nutritional , emotional, spiritual support, etc. Anything that affects the mother affects the baby and vice versa, this journey is literally life and death.

A mother’s journey with her child is far different from that of a father. Notwithstanding that each parent is equally important, a mother’s bond is beyond biological and very hard to describe. I welcome the day and acknowledgment; but I honestly believe that the recognition, be done with more heart and less materialistic intent.

Personally, I pray everyday for long life for both my parents as it is important for me to show them, through kind, my appreciation for the selfless sacrifices over the years.

My mother still takes care of me and her maternal instincts are still very strong. Last year October, I had an episode that saw me not being able to speak for six hours. A very scary moment, my words were unclear and I was stuttering. I drove for 25 minutes to my home and I don’t know; but my mother was outside waiting on me. I opened the car door and I just say this 4 feet 5 inches woman approaching me and she blurted “what’s wrong”. I tried to speak, but the words would not come and before I knew it, my mother was hugging and consoling me.

She and my dad took me to casualty and as they drove my mom prayed and kept saying everything is going to be alright. I reached the hospital and when it was my turn to see the doctor; I tried to speak but the stuttering had worsened and my words were unclear. My mother became my voice. In that moment my mother immersed into being a mother as I was once again a child and she was my protector, my strength and my voice. I was crying and she did not shed a tear. Instead she kept reassuring me as she sat by my bed. My father was their but my mother was the one who immersed as the strength that I needed.

The power of a mother’s love is beyond anything that one can describe. In that moment, it was her strength that kept me through and God’s grace. I will forever say that motherhood is beyond one day. The appreciation of a mother should forever be all day every day and I stand to that.


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