handsThe need for humility in a relationship is paramount. Being humble always on the opportunity to be led, to be open and to be vulnerable. These are important attributes in a relationship. Let’s unpack:

1. To be led. Giving up power in any relationship allows you to take instruction from your spouse. Many individuals fear being instructed as it is a sign of weakness.

The word submissive comes to mind and because of what it represents individuals are afraid to submit. For example, the male in the relationship their ego doesn’t allow them to be “told what to do” by their female counterpart. And, the female needs to be strong and be in control that they become aggressive when being told what to do by their man. Some females beat down on others who have relinquished this control to their man and have been called weak.

The world’s perception of the role of the male and female in a relationship does not make it easy for either party to relinquish power. The truth is be led can be fun. Submission is not a sign of weakness; it actually takes a strong person to submit to someone. The truth is, their are so many mean people in the world that doubts creeps in and makes us skeptics.

2. To be open. As individuals, trust is something that is earned. Depending on our past some people take longer to trust and so they take longer to open up. For relationships to evolve one has to be willing to share self. The inability to do this impacts the pace of growth. A stagnancy in a relationship can mean only one thing, death. Openness fuels the relationship and if there is none, then over time the relationship will even when on life support, will die.

Many people believe that being open sets them up to be hurt. This is often true as the world can be a cruel place at times. However, we need to show an ounce of humbleness and share an ounce of self. I think this is actually called being vulnerable.

3. Being vulnerable. Is never easy it takes tenacity and humility. These are not qualities possessed by all and those who do are afraid that their vulnerability will lead to them getting hurt.

Vulnerability is the hardest part of any relationship. It stems on trust and honesty and both can lead to doom if violated, yet it is a critical anecdote for a successful relationship.

Though hard, humility and humbleness are key to a successful relationship. The outcome of the unknown can be frightening but this is with anything. Opening up, being vulnerable and being led can be fun it will not take away from you being strong and in control. Give it a try, it will make you have more respect for your partner, let you trust him/her a little more and glue the relationship a little tighter. It is always nice to have someone in your life that you can be you explicitly. Being humble and having humility creates that opportunity.


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