The cheating effect…

So, I learnt this week that two of my dearest friends are having marital problems. They are an elderly couple who have grown children and grandchildren. Apparently, the husband had cheated on the wife during the earlier part of the marriage. Now the wife has decided that it’s her time to pay the husband back the courtesy of cheated on by cheating. The pun is that she told him that she would cheat on him expressing that he now needed to feel the way she felt all these years.

This kind of behaviour has placed the children at odds as the husband is now throwing the wife out of the matrimonial house. The son is adamant that his mother contributed to renovating the house and turning it into a home. And, the daughter says that her mother needs to leave as it is not fear for her father to live with a woman who has cheated.

‘Two wrongs don’t make a right” nor should their behaviours be deemed karma as expressed by the daughter. The wife has obviously taken revenge which has backfired.  The husband is unforgiving and is not willing to accept moving forward in a relationship with his wife due to her cheating so much so that he has threatened to evict her from the matrimonial home.

This is indeed an interesting and very uncomfortable feud being dramatized by these two persons who have been in a union through marriage for over three decades. The feud has divided the family and may become a generational problem if not nipped and handled properly.

The quandary lies in the malice that has clouded this family and the unwillingness of the members to compromise in order to resolve. And, while it is an unfair suggestion  I do believe that if the children come together and have that united conversation with their parents they will stop the feuding.  Afterall, they must coexist even after the separation, if that is the decision. The need for this is paramount as they share grandchildren and will be required to be present for family activities.

It just goes to show how complexed relationship can be and how the web of deception and revenge can tear a family apart, sometimes forever.


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