The “CUSS”

So my friend and I while driving was having the most interesting conversation about how to stay in love with your man. I told her that I have always felt that it is okay to love and not be in love especially when years have elapsed.

Think 🤔 about this:

Two persons spending ten/twenty years together they say they love ❤️ each other but they are not in love with each other.

Interestingly, I do believe that you can love and not be in love. People grow and evolve sometimes to find themselves they have to mentally checkout of their relationship to adjust and find themselves. This is where the “CUSS” becomes important.

The “CUSS”


Couples need to keep the communication lines open. They need understanding that needs are not static and expectations change. At this juncture they need to have a conversation explaining these new needs and expectations.


The need for understanding is important during these time of change. It will be difficult as you are now required to learn this new person and fall back in love with them.


The change of finding self will require for the couples to be will to give up something. It may mean spending less time at work just spend time with your partner. Or something has big as giving up a friend. Sacrificial gestures are important to show continued commitment.


This period of finding self is very difficult; worst if both persons in the relationship are going through this process of “finding self”. Support each other requires for each other to patient and to encourage each other path by being the others cheerleader.

The “CUSS” will keep you grounded and allow you to reconnect and rekindle the love connection leading you to becoming in love 💑👬with each all over again. If the “CUSS” is successfully maintained it will keep the relationship healthy even through the tough times.Relationships are difficult and complicated without Communication, Understanding, Sacrifice and Support (CUSS) they will not be able to overcome the tough times and the erosion of life changes, together.


2 thoughts on “The “CUSS”

    • Thanks for your comments. You are correct, if both persons in the marriage are “grounded in the word of God” and allow “His Word to set the standard” for their lives with that understanding from the offset along with the “CUSS” a healthy relationship should sustain.

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