💕Love expectations💕

I only post on a Sunday but I was compelled as today represents sacrificial love.

Couples often speak of the need for compromise in a relationship. Lovers dwell on the need for spontaneity and adventure. However, relationships require a lot more.

The partners in a relationship must commitment and be dedicated to maintaining the expectations of the receipt of love. The question, however is how. How do couples/lovers maintain each other’s expectations of love?

We all can agree that each of us define love differently and, that this dictates how we want to be loved. The dilemma is that the giver of love often shows love how they define it and not how the recipient views it.

For example, I define love as giving support and spending quality time together. My partner sees love as just being present: no talking, no intimacy is required, just being there.

The expectations of love need to be communicated; as perceptions can be wrong. If, each party is unaware of how one wants to be loved and just gives love the way they know how. Then, they may not be meeting their partners love expectations.

For example, you give love through intimacy but your partner receives love through companionship.

Not meeting loves expectations can be the demise of a relationship. Hence, it is always important to communicate how you want to be loved from the commencement of the relationship. You may also have to, from time to time, remind your partner of your love expectations. As once expectations of love can change throughout the life’s ages and stages; to maintain the provision of loves expectations you must keep yourself in the know.

On this Valentines Day as you prepare to express love you must always remember to meet the expectations of your lover.


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