A Web of Deception…

Over the weekend I was privy to a conversation that reminded me of how cruel men can be.

The Story

A man meets a woman while he is down on his face. He claims to love her, as she brings him joy and sticks with him through the hard times. He promises her a lifetime of love and offers to marry her. Their union brings a child but his family doesn’t like her because she is brash and vulgar. They believe that she is not good enough for him.  So she lives with her parents.

He finds work as a security guard and during his goings he meets a bank manager. The bank manager is going through a divorce but seems to be smittened and has property,  cars and a hefty bank account. The family sees this lady as a  “stepup” and welcomes her in the home.  The baby mother is still deemed his main woman but he tells her that he is unable to accomodate her at his house as he is on the job. His excuse prevents her from visiting as his family does not want her there unless he is there.

The bank manager has bought him a new bedroom set and sleeps over several nights a week. The dilemma is that the baby mother is still of the view that he is committed to her and his promise of marraige is still valid. One of the family members is disgusted by his behaviour but does not want to get involved.

Wow, what a story. How can one man be so callous?

Web of deciet.bmpYou are a man, she is your woman, you tell her how great she is and even promise marriage and in the midst of it, you creep with another woman. This woman that has devoted her heart and her future to you. This woman who thinks that she is the only woman so enraptured and complacent that she misses the cues of his deception.

How cold can you be to continue the lies? The family is just as guilty as they not only enable but condone the deception and the affair. So the baby mother is not reserved and well-mannered but she is a “ride or die”. She can’t afford to offer him expensive gifts but she has stood by him through the hard times. According to the family member, the baby mother does everything for him without asking for anything.

I wonder how this story will end.

I feel for the baby mother but she needs to start asking why the gaps of the visits are so long. Doesn’t he get day-offs?

The family needs to really look into themselves as a child is involved. This cannot end good for the child, he will be caught in the middle.

I wonder if the bank manager knows of the baby mother and that she is still an active person in his life. And if she doesn’t, when she finds out I wonder if she will walk away or if she will still claim him?

How will the baby mother react if she finds out? She will be very devasted, obviously.

I would love to see the reaction of the family when this happens because they will be as much to blame for the outcomes. This will not be a happy ending someone will get hurt.

An interesting and hurtful story one with many uncertainties and the only certainty is that someone will get hurt.  Who? Only time will tell…


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