Uncertainty…Part 2

The conversation took a turn and we started to talk about our own relationships: the things that were lacking and the things that made us mad happy.

Melissa said that she appreciated her man as he supported her in every way but in the midst of it all she often felt trapped. She said that he called every 5 minutes and she couldn’t miss a call or there was an argument.

Are you getting to much attention? Or, do you feel controlled?

Melissa sighed and said both, “it costs too much to miss a call…”

Mmmm, interesting because their are so many women who complain of not feeling wanted. Kimono said that it was cute to feel chased even after so many years in a relationship. But Melissa was not pleased she seemed annoyed and torn that we found her situation romantic.

The lone man in the room reminded us that he was there, with a chuckle. What, do you believe that he is obsessive? Ryan said no, he just loves hard. Women always believe that man can’t love hard. We can and we can be clinking and needy especially when we feel insecure. This is interesting, I honestly never thought of men as having feelings, they have often cold and built on their ego,

Ryan said that woman ask for attention but when they got it, they cry “freedom”. Women can’t be pleased.

Kimono smiled with glowing eyes and said that her man has never forced her to do house chores. She said that even when he asked her to cook he would do everything, she basically just basically watch the pot. He didn’t want her to cut her hand or get burnt. Cute right!

Kimono added that while this was cutie, she often felt left out of place as he partied a lot but often left her at home. Ryan jumped in and advised that this was how men often behave because of their insecurities.

Ryan seems to know a lot about a lot. Of course, we ganged upon him reminding him of his cheating practices.

The lone man in the room looked sad and just stood staring. He then expressed that he was at an impasse in his relationship. Ryan expressed that after three years he felt like he and his partner had grown apart. But she loves you, we all said and there is a child involved. Why do you feel this way, are you creeping? He smiled and said no, I have been good. I think she is living in the past.

So, Ryan have you been doing anything to make her feel insecure. He said no, but he sometimes feels that she will leave as she had cheated. Unexpected response! The room went quite and the Ryan said that he listed to all of talk about what we had and he couldn’t relate to anything. He said he didn’t feel supported and the uncertainty of where the relationship was going was killing him. He spoke like a man in love one search for a life partner and didn’t know if his woman was the one.

Uncertainties can weigh very heavily on man even more than a woman. When the wheels turn women tend to overcome infidelity faster; however their ego can often sway them to make wrong decisions.

Ryan is uncertainty because she cheated, a crime that he too has committed. I hope for the sake of the child they will be able to forgive each other, as they is no white in this relationship. They both have their shade of polka dot.


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