Love it is or is it love…

A new year is often used by many people to reflect: on life, accomplishments or the lack there of. Some people even use it to reflect on love and relationship – asking questions like, is this the right relationship for me or have I made the right chose in selecting my life partner, or am I really in love, or am being loved and treated right or is it time for me to walk away from this relationship or should I stay.

The truth is, many of us are loved but are being loved wrongly. Many of us are living in a bubble waiting on an authentic love. We salivate over an experience that feels and sees a love without malice. A love that wants nothing in return. A pure love, a love that makes you smile, makes you accomplish your own dreams, supports your everything and stands by you even after nothing. A love so pure that it leaves you gasping. This sounds like a fantasy as it takes, a one in a million man or woman to give this pure love experience.

Lately, I have been taunted by the deaths of women who find themselves prey of dark love. A love that is cold, complicated and stems from obsession and sexual attraction. In December 2017, a 15-year old girl died by the hands of her 26-year old lover, sad isn’t. The news report stated that she ended the relationship but he didn’t want her to leave so he entered her home and shot her in front of her mother. This is dark love in its true definition. A love that stems from obsession and the need to control ending with dark deviant actions and outcomes.

Pure love is forgiving and understanding. It accepts that even though loosing love is not easy it sometimes requires letting go. A Pure love wants the best for its recipient and stands down with compassion leaving a window for friendship to evolve.

Pure love leads to healthy relationships knowing that it is not built overnight and it is not a cookie cutter one size fits all experience. Every person experiences love differently but all of us deserve to experience pure love.


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