The Conversation…mmmm

Sometimes I wonder…. The side bar conversation… Funny or funny, lol!!!

So, last week at work my coworkers and I went down a conversation path on “the cheater”. The females in the room were convicted that men are like ‘dogs’ who salivate at every dress-tail and sleep with any a woman. The words whore and disgusting were the beginning and end of every sentence. One of the females shared a story of friend whose husband cheated. As she shared, she described her friend and husband as power couples explaining that both had prominent high official jobs and that the husband cheated with only ‘tots’ and crawly girls. As she spoke the disdain was evident but what was shocking was the fact that the husband said that ” a vagina had no career” so he did not need for his side chicks to have degrees hence he screws anyone he wants.

The conversation went left when the men agreed with the statement “vagina had no career” and noted that women become too emotional over sex. I was also offended by the statement but I agreed that sex was an emotional process for women more than men. Most women only become intimate because they are ready to commit. I am not quite sure why though; maybe it is because we are the beings taking it in – the receivers. The men positioned that for them they have sex to escape and unwind not necessarily to start a relationship or to commitment to love.

We girls all shouted in one unrehearsed voice hoes!

They paid us no mind but continued to say that women are women… and noted that we liked to complain about being “put down” when we do it ourselves so easily. Smiling, I was stunned as they explain that vaginas don’t have degrees. Yes, they are an appendage of the whole person but they deserve higher level respect.

O lord, at that point I just shut up, as the men were putting us women in our place. The funny thing is that while it was hurtful to listen they had valid points firstly, as women we need to respect each other and secondly as men they needed to be understood and listened to. Cheating is a hard topic and the cheater is usually the men. Listening to a cheater is not easy, trust! These men are asking us to do something that they can never take. The conversation came to a halt because they were not willing to listen to the fact that women can do the same thing , cheat.


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