Living with Dyslexia

Approximately 10% of Jamaicans have some symptoms of dyslexia, such as slow reading, trouble spelling, or mixing up words. This percentage includes adults. Some people are diagnosed early in life. Others don’t realize they have dyslexia until they get older. Join Technology Inc @solutions_technologyinc to discuss dyslexia and how to live with the disorder. We go live at 9pm on March 31, 2021. Come listen in and hear @KimSkyers and @prettypeta5 get real personal…

Keep Kicking…

@WordPress congratulated me on six years of blogging and it got me reflecting on a sermon I was privy to by Pastor Matthew Hagee. Pastor Hagee shared his journey when he was learning to swim as a child noting that his instructor would alway keep saying kick kick kick even when he felt like he was drowning her words never changed until one day he found himself swimming because he kept kicking.

Many of you start a project and at the first sign of a struggle and/or an obstacle you pause, stop and or retreat with the notion that you have failed. The only reason you have failed is because you stopped, paused and retreated. Success does not happen overnight. It is not a magical occurance. Admittedly, success may seem swift to the eyes of the beholder of the success. However the person that has acquired success has several stories of defeat, dismay and disappointment. The journey is not often witnessed by the beholders it is the achievement that one sees.

Have you ever seen a construction site and marvel at the beauty of the finished product. The developer will tell you the tales of the many pitfalls some so great that they never expected completion. One hurdle down, the construction is completed, but no sale. You drive by and you witness the demolishing of the beauty that once existed. The developers incremental success is now scoffed at. The marvel no longer sparks your eye. The place once admired is deemed a site of gloom. Ten months later an investor sweeps in, purchases the property but wait the developer is recognized and highlighted for 30 years of beautiful creations. Your comment not reading the entire store, not noting the 30 years grumble: “I have been working for so long, they develop one building and puff they are rich and are being lauded”.

No they are rich and being lauded because they kept kicking. They never stop even after several failures. They never paused hoping to restart a shelved project. They never retreated even after disappointment. The developers kept kicking driven not by the success of the project but by their passion. The outcome for them was developing not becoming successful. Take me for example, I decided six years ago to just write. I do not consider myself a blogger or a professional writer but my passion is the ability to express self without fear or favour. My readership is not over the top but I an grateful for the platform to write my truths and my thoughts without feeling judged. My expressions, my words and the ability to just be me is what drives me to continue. Hence, I am grateful for the opportunity to write and be expressive. My loyal followers are the icing of my success. I succeed to write my own words for six years, that is an accomplishment. So I keep kicking, as I express self without reservations, I keep blogging knowing that my outcome is my self expression. My following will increase if I keep kicking. My page will get noticed if I keep kicking. My expression will resonate only if I keep kicking!

Why do you keep kicking? The goal can never be to succeed. Succeeding is achieved because of the goal. The goal is the why you started, the why you spent sleepless nights. The why is the success. Reflect on your passion, drive the why and keep kicking beyond 2021.

The Universe is not Cruel it is a Mirror!

Have you ever heard that oh “the world is against me” or the universe has it out for me”? Well, I am here to tell you that this is not true. You might want to check yourself if you have said or thought of these statements when things do not go your way. The reality is that the universe is a mirror, and it only reflects what you present. If you are negative and doubtful, then the reflection is just that. Moreover, everything around becomes daunting because that is what you have advanced. If you are positive and optimistic in the same vein, you will receive what you will receive.

We do not usually see the bad in the good, but it is often because something good is coming why everything seems hard. Life is what you make it, and so the universe gives you what supply. Hard work will pay off even if it takes time. The reality is, as human beings, we do not appreciate the things that come easy. The cold hard truth is that we sweat and toil for is what we protect, respect, and appreciate. Even kindness that is given with “an ask” is scoffed at and often never appreciate.

Ponder this scenario. You do something nice for someone, and then they are the same one that turns around and act disrespectful and bitter. You utter, “I cannot believe that you could say that without even say thanks. Look I all that I have done for you,” They respond, “well, I never asked you to…”

My father was the one who pointed that out, and then a Retired Judge who lives in Sint Maarten was very candid with me when I sought her guidance and service for a friend. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: I am seeking advice for a friend who had a matter and required information to be sent to Jamaica from the courts

Retired Judge: why didn’t your friend call me.

Me: They are not aware that I am making this call

Retired Judge: Oh, so you get up running up and down for someone who in the end will not ever remember this gesture of kindness. I see. Then she laughed.

I have had time to learn that unsolicited kindness receives no respect or gratitude. The retired Judge was so right it did not take long for my own act of kindness to be thrown in my face. The universe did not do me any wrong. It is what I but out there that came right back. You cannot expect what was never asked. Luke 6:35 reminds us that “…do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return …for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.” When you do, expect nothing in return; the universe owes us nothing, nor are we entitled.

You walk around complaining that you are suffering and times are hard. Instead of trying, you sit waiting on the handout and are rude, disrespectful, and unappreciative when you receive help. It is not the universe that keeps you down. It is your own disconcerting attitude and lack of will to try. Nothing in life comes easy; David was about 14 when he was ordained King, yet it was not until he was thirty that he became King (he waited for over 15 years). And during those years prior to his reign, he was hunted by Saul. The bible chronicles his journey and the many hardships he faces, but he never gave up. He tarried and waited. It is easy for us to cast blame because we believe that the universe owes us something, and we must have no suffering. Everything is to be seamless.

Take it from me, who has experienced a considerable number of challenges, some quite gruesome to the point of tears and sleepless nights. Nonetheless, I rise, knowing that he who controls the universe has great plans for my life. “I want us to rest and be comforted knowing that… God causes all things to work together for good…” (Romans 8:28). Irrespective of what you are, going through be optimistic and cleave on God’s purpose for your life. 1 Timothy 4:4 states, “for everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude.” Be comforted knowing that God is with you through the good and even more so through the trials and tribulation. “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD, your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

What is the difference between nepotism and networking?

Professionals are encouraged to build their network. Opportunities often derive through networking. The more colleagues, friends and family members who know you and your capabilities, the more likely your career curve will upscale. Therefore, when does one ventures down a path of nepotism. An employee is the marketer of their craft. How many times has a colleague or former supervisor recommended an affiliate for a job. Is this nepotism?

Nepotism occurs when affiliates bypass recruitment and/or contract requirements and then employs or contracts an individual or person just on the bases of knowing ignoring all other attributes, including capabilities and experience.

Networking occurs when your affiliate either recommends and or endorses you for a contract or position fitting to your skills, knowledge and experience and allows the required processes to determine best—fit.

I do believe that networking is necessary; hence sites such as #linkedin. It is, therefore, important for us to understand the difference between nepotism and networking when supporting an affiliate. #professionalnetworking is important. #endorsements are vital to professional brand value and competitive advantage. #truthsandthoughs

Keep Us Hopeful

Dear God:

As we continue to undergo this pandemic we asked you to keep us hopeful. 

Guide us through this journey, cleaving on your words and accepting that as we live day by day we live through faith – knowing that al things are possible through God, the father and the son. 

Hence we will stand looking behind this pandemic wiser, closer as a nation and greater believers of your word.