Workplace Bullying … Not a fad

The fear of Monday mornings is real. The anxiety intensifies when Sunday becomes a distant yesterday. The clock alarms and tears flow as reality hits it is time to get ready for work. The body responds slavishly but with uncertainty as the heart feels betrayed. You stand but can’t move as the heart, and the mind is unwilling. You contemplate asking each question weighing heavily. Should I… Must I… Why do I… have to. The response hits hard you have bills, obligations and responsibilities that require money, and the job is your only hope.

You step out pretending, a skill you have perfected. Good morning you utter as you hustle to the bathroom. The tears hid as you prepare for the day and muscle up to accept the words. Picture being told that you are a “theatrics” for expressing to your supervisor that being shouted at, ridiculed and made a public spectacle is not only disrespectful but cause you emotional and psychological pain. The body and mind reports for work under duress the tears become ice as it fears public notice. It becomes difficult to face the task as your mind is unsettled.  It takes hours to prepare for the day and expected mental, emotional and psychological abuse.

What is chronical hear is what professionals dub workplace bullying. No, it is not a fad 75% of workers are affected by workplace bullying (Forbes, 2016).  Workplace Bullying is more prevalent among female with a 67% likelihood of it occurring with 61% of bullies being supervisors and 63% of incidents the perpetrator operates alone ( Workplace Bullying Institute, 2017).

Being bullied is a significant source of social stress described as mobbing, where the victim is subjected to long-lasting, recurrent, and severe negative and/or hostile acts and behaviour that are annoying and oppressing.  In the Workplace Bullying Process te victim become unable to defend themselves. Examples of workplace bullying include single negative actions,  negatively gesturing toward or glancing at the victim,  ignoring the victim, refusing to talk or listen to the victim slander, laughter and scorn directed toward the victim, belittling of the victims work or position and subjecting the victim to consistent and constant public ridicule and embarrassment. The victims can either leave the organization or remain to hurt in silence out of fear of reprisal. This is more evident when the bully is the supervisor or an employer who position themselves as having power or believes that they e are entitled because of their afflictions.

If there is no stoppage, the victim lives with pain, hurt this can lead to depression, reclusion. For the victim, work becomes a stressful place as it starts to affect the psychological wellbeing of bullied employees.  The victim who is subjected to bullying experiences all measure of stressful reactions more than the onlookers. It is crucial, however, to note that bullying at work appears to not only have adverse effects on the wellbeing of the victim but also on the onlookers of the bullying.
Yet, because workplace bullying leaves no physical scars, it is ignored, the victim has to prove that bullying is taking place. More than often, they become labelled as the perpetrator if and when they decide to stand up.  The question then is how do the victim get justice, who stands up for them.  The one watchers fear the bully and will comfort the victim, but no rescue comes.

Picture being agonized every day, being verbally abused, every day having to cry every day sometimes three for times a day to get through.  This subjection is callous, it is cruel; it is an injustice. Picture knowing that everyone knows but no one takes action.

Who does how does an employee “the victim” find refugee?

Food 🥘 for thought:

Be careful of this rare form of disease called doubt. Doubt is killer, it starts by eroding your dreams, then your aspirations. Leaving you restless and broken and if not careful your doubt can form an epidemic creating panic and mayhem through the erosion others mental consciousness. #thinkpositive #Truthsandthoughts


It difficult to live in a world that doesn’t keep you straight. A life with its many unpredictable pitfalls, holes, complications and challenges that just keeps you drifting.

Like a sailor lost at sea you keep swerving, keep drifting and keep hoping for a firm footing. Being helpless as the wind becomes the dictator of the route life decides.

Drifting with fear of the outcome. Fear drips like the blazing unruly sun without conscience or consideration. The uncertainty of life’s drift creates anxiety, spasms of doubt that drain your inner being.

Saddened by no development as the place and the foot you land is no better than the drift you were currently on.

Drifted , drained and defeated…life has won.