Food 🥘 for thought:

When complacency leads to unprofessionalism the best response is silence. #truthsandthoughts


Truths and thoughts:

Never leave yourself careless to be robbed of your happiness. Sadness is a disease it attacks the heart and causes great pain. If not treated it contaminates the mind making it paranoid. If not contained it seeps into the bloodstream. The pain is unbearable and it causes loss of sleep and leads to depression. Depression can lead… #staywoke #stayhappy #truthsandthoughts

Food 🥘 for thought

Support is not about you. Support is about you being there for me. The “I” represents me. I need you! I need your support. When you support is offered it should be authentic, unconditional and about me. Revolve around me as I need you. #unconditionallyme #truthsandthoughts

The dragon at work…

It is said that people don’t leave organizations they leave leaders. This statement was solidified by a very close friend who in tears expressed her discussed for her supervisor. Let me just share her story and you can all give your own opinion on the situation.

So the other night, my friends and I were at our usual hangout spot when one of them blurted;

“I need to find another job”.

The entire table was surprised. I looked at her in disbelief, this is the same woman that lived, ate, and breath her job. She almost always had an orgasm when she spoke about work. My friend began to report her journey over the last year. She said that she was being bullied by her boss; sharing of being targeted at staff meetings and be called into meetings that ended with her being called names and being threatened.

As she spoke the tears ran and the sadness in her eyes made it clear that she was not making it up and that her wounds were not only real but fresh. My friend cited an incident that forced her to write to her supervisor to express how she made her feel. She said that in the email she expressed to her boss that just the thought of meeting with her made her have anxiety attacks. However, to her dismay her supervisor slapped back recommending that she checked her mental health as she was not the reason for the anxiety attacks.

I was floored, and if I was not exposed to the email I would have not believed. I asked if there was any process to report this kind of abuse. She looked at me surprised and flustered, then said;

“report, I spoke with an executive who reminded me that she was the boss”. And, according to the Union I have to prove that I am being bullied for steps to be taken”.

I was saddened by her reply and become worried for my friend. This injustice should not need to be defended. It is truly an injustice when the victim of abuse must prove; if their is no visible physical wounds. My heart goes out to my friend, as I know she (1) loves her job and (2) needs the income.

I probed a little more so as to ascertain the underlining issue. As she commenced speaking the tears came:

“I don’t know, everyone thinks its personal but she and I are not friends beyond the work. I have, based on the nature of my job, shared my journey and have spoken about my family and the support system that I have. I must tell you that at staff meetings she would sometimes react negatively to my accomplishments and my family support. Once, she even said that I needed to stop speaking about how supportive my parents where. She has even criticized me for being a people person; noting that I was too friendly and insinuating that I was plotting with the staff to make her fail”.

My friend in tears said;

“why would I want her to fail, wouldn’t that work against me? I too would be deemed a failure having oversight responsibility for several projects being implement.

She shook her head and smiled;

“I cant… I feel so trapped and I just want out. I am being abused and being blamed by my abuser with even statements of me being mental. I cant!

Shocked by this revelation, I saw the disconnect but said nothing to my friend. It seemed like a case of envy and feeling threatened. Hence, in order to remain in control her supervisor has commenced a strategy of breaking and oppressing. If that is not work place bullying. I don’t know? I advised my friend to look for another job and told her not let anyone force her out of her job as her supervisor is, obviously, threatened by her.

Let me hear from you. What are your thoughts.