The men…Silenced

I went to PriceMart today. I was in the line waiting to be cashed out. The lines were extremely long, and directly in front of me was a man with his woman. So, we reached the cashier. It was his turn.

Sir took everything out of his trolley. The cashier looked 👀 at me and muttered, “what is he doing?” We laughed out loud. The cashier told him to remove the oversized items from the conveyor.

Standing behind and so needing to leave PriceMart, as it was very crowded, and I had already been standing for 45 minutes. Plus, I realized this was his first time because regulars knew this rule. Further, the cashier was anxiously waiting.

So, I decided to assist him by explaining what items should stay in the trolley and what should be placed on the conveyor. The lady he was with was approaching as she had walked away earlier. He whispered something. It did not register at first but he repeated, “ don’t speak to me while she is here. You can talk to me when she is not here.” “Excuse me,” I said. Please note I do not know this man.

By then, I was annoyed. “Sir, you are being rude. You are not my type” I was simply assisting you.” By now, his lady was right next to him. My mom, who later explained that she did not hear what he had said, chimed in, “ don’t help him, leave him alone he is rude.” Did you know that he started having a whole conversation with my mother? I shut it down instantly.

Reflecting, I am no longer bothered. It’s sad to see men placing themselves so low that they have devalued their manhood to go to ‘farin’ or not having to or wanting to work. This ‘so-called’ new normal in Jamaica, where men believe that their role is to pretend to want a woman for gain, is sickening, and women who are financially supporting men; hence they now have the right to own and dictate when the man talks about what, to whom and where he goes; is disturbing.

This is not love, nor is it a romantic relationship. This kind of union is unhealthy and always ends bad. Very bad!

I hope that our men find themselves and become the providers and protectors that God designed them to be. And, to you women, being independent does not mean you have been armed with the right to belittle your men. Women were created to be nurturers.

Yes, I endorsed and respected an independent woman; after all, I am one, but let’s empower, not emasculate, our men.

Men, yes, women have owned their independence, but they expect you to work hard, support their dreams and aspirations while you own your manhood, and be the provider and protectors in the relationship.

Women, as you own your independence, be the lover and nurturer that your men know you are created to be.

Let’s harmonies. #truthsandthoughts